The journey to Ukraine: an introduction

In August of 2016, I was filling my hands with mattress in an apartment overlooking a position 300 meters to the southwest across an open field. Russian-backed separatists were knocking at it with large caliber mortars. The position, an abandoned industrial building connected I think with grain collection, was, I learned later, the Headquarters ofContinue reading “The journey to Ukraine: an introduction”

Why did Saturday Night Live edit MacGruber’s Racial Sensitivity Training?

When SNL decided to change the order of MacGruber’s racial sensitivity training, it made a sketch about the absurd inability of people enjoying white privilege not to learn from their mistakes into a redemption story in which the main character experiences epiphany. In other words: they ruined it

How a protest becomes a revolution

Revolutions always start slow and local, as protests. They always involve some specific act of injustice, such as the act of self-immolation that kicked off the Arab Spring. There is anger and rage on the part of the population. Let’s say it’s justifiable anger, and comprehensible, valid rage, which is easy to identify because whatContinue reading “How a protest becomes a revolution”

It’s Skunk Time

We have a skunk in our yard, now. It lives in an area beyond our fence, overgrown with weeds, vines, and thorns, and it navigates its way in each morning to hunt for grubs, grunting and snuffling through the long green grass as is its portly habit. We don’t begrudge it its meals, nor doContinue reading “It’s Skunk Time”